About Us

Grace Villarino


I have been a “digital nomad” who spent time in NZ, AU, and around Asia. I have been developing websites since 2009 and have been working with teams remotely from the US, UK, NZ, & Australia. I dabble and tinker with different Open Source programs (mostly in LAMP) that can be very useful for different organisations. Aside from the free open source programs, I provide assistance in setting up online presence with cost-effective methods. I don’t think it’s about being cheap, it’s about being efficient. When I’m not in front of the computer, I’m doing stuff in the kitchen or garden. I’m also an avid snorkeler who philosophizes underwater if not occasionally cleaning the beach. I enjoy volunteering and having conversations with people from all walks of life.

Yancy Gabriel Ubas


Yancy Gabriel is a young photographer with great interest in travelling as well as capturing moments, sceneries, and people. He is a versatile creative with experience and knowledge in both Contemporary - Traditional and Media Arts. He freelances both in photography and painting. Hindrances are challenges to him; opportunities that help him grow.