Beautiful Moalboal


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We take plastics, seriously!

This is our story

“Don’t let perfect stand in the way of good.”

Leon and Grace took a break from life in suburban New Zealand, to visit Grace’s hometown of Moalboal in 2016.

The contrast was immediately apparent. Unpaved roads, wandering chickens and all the other good stuff that indicates a nice rural town in most areas of the world. Friendly people and tropical weather completed the circle of great living that is to be found here in Moalboal.

Going for a walk was a frequent event for us in New Zealand, but attempting this in Moalboal posed a few challenges. Sharing the often narrow roads with an array of transportation one can soon acclimate to. The bigger challenge was the plastic trash that often littered the roads and grassy mountains we ventured into. Rather than just complain about it, we jumped into ways to make improvements. We quickly learned some things that didn’t work, better ways to organize our team and started to work on community outreach.

We had to go back to New Zealand after a month, but the seeds were sown for both of us and having seen some progress, we wrapped up New Zealand life and headed back to Moalboal to take our Ecobrick Production Center idea to the next level and incorporate other ways to bolster the local community and environment.

Grace’s family had some land up on a nearby mountain and were running a small guest house/hostel nearby. We were able to base ourselves in the guest house while starting to develop the land for multiple reasons – to live on in a sustainable way, to contain our collected plastics into Ecobricks and an evolved idea to create accommodation in the form of an Eco Retreat.

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Leon Stafford brings hands-on experience working with non-profits and getting stuff done for a range of companies.

Grace Villarino inspires the team with a passion to improve her hometown of Moalboal, Cebu.